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Beeswax Candles set the Atmosphere
Beeswax Candles enhance
almost any setting

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Romantic Marra
Beeswax Candles

 We will be 36 years in business in March. Thank you all for so graceously inviting us into your homes during Christmas, New Years, and all year round!

 We hope your Christmas Season has been blessed, and we pray for a blessed, happy, and prosperous New Year.

Beeswax Candles

The Highest Quality - the Only Choice

................a Safe, no petroleum content
................a Smokeless
................a Naturally Dripless
................a Even-burning

................a A "Green" Product
...................... (Environmentally Sound)

This Product is entirely
Handmade in the USA

Pure Handpoured
Beeswax Candles

Pure Beeswax Tapers

Pure Beeswax Columns
(Beeswax Pillars)

The Marra Line of elegant
Beeswax Columns

Find out more About us

 We hope you will find our website friendly and helpful in your search for handmade pure beeswax candles, pure beeswax tapers, pure beeswax columns, (beeswax pillars), the Marra Column Candle, and colors as well as scents. Our customers of thirty-five years have long been convinced that solid beeswax candles are superior to any other candle. They are considered "green candles" because pure beeswax is environmentally friendly and therefore is a "green wax".
 We trust you will be pleased with the options available for the traditional sizes, shapes and colors seen on our website. All our beeswax candles are dripless and smokeless. We offer beeswax candles to individual and wholesale customers. Enjoy your visit and we trust you will find the candles you are looking for.

(If you experience any difficulty with this website please contact us.)

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